Country Rose 143 Toy Soldier
2010 30" Chestnut Pinto Gelding - MHAA, IMHR
Aloha Henry 143  x  Tiny Toy Silver Doll

NATIONAL Supreme of Supreme Champion Halter Gelding.

Having attended the 2010 AMHA World Show, I was lucky enough to witness the Supreme Champion award to go to a special gelding by the name of Grandviews Toy Soldier. He was an awesome show horse with huge presence, and was an excellent all round halter, performance and youth horse. I said then that I would love my kids to have such a horse.

Awhile later, I was reading through the Miniature Horse World magazine containing the results for this show, there was a write up on this special little horse who had won the Supreme Champion title. It was his story from birth, the fact that he was hand raised for a few days, was very affectionate and a people horse right from the start. It was an inspiring story, one that you would never forget.

A few days later, I found myself going through a similar situation as the one I had read a few days prior. One of my favorites mares, Tiny Toy Silver Doll, was foaling early at 298 days. It was a textbook delivery, a chestnut pinto colt. The foal seemed strong, he quickly got to his feet and that was where it stopped. He seemed strong, and yet he could hold his up to the udder long enough to get a good drink. So started the 2 hourly feeds. Not easy as at the time I was 3 months pregnant with morning sickness that stayed all day long, and an 18 month old who couldn't sit still. Hannah would come into the stable with me while we fed the baby.

"Mickey" was given his pet name by Hannah-little did I know she was actually singing a Wiggle's song called "Do the Monkey", but Monkey became Mickey .... and she claimed him from then as her own. For 4 days we fed this little baby, and sometimes I swear he was only doing this for attention, but we were attached to this little guy and decided he would stay Hannah's gelding. I figured by the time she was ready to show, he would have been around a bit, and have some experience under his belt and as you do, start browsing through a magazine or two to search for ideas. I again come across the story "Grandview's Toy Soldier", and then and there Mickey become
Country Rose 143 Toy Soldier .... that was only the beginning.

Just like his name sake, Mickey attended the 2011 MHAA National Show in Sydney. He was 5 months old. Under the gentle hand of his handler Carl Hodgson, he won his futurity class, he won his gelding class, then to my surprise he won the GRAND Champion Junior Gelding title. The following night he was return for the Supreme Gelding line up, I thought he did well to get that far and was about to leave so I could collect him from the marshalling area when he was called out as the Supreme Champion Gelding. I was over the moon! Hannah went down to collect her prize and give her Mickey a kiss - Then it was back into the arena for the Supreme of Supremes, I thought he had exceptionally well to win what he had. Again I was about to walk down to the marshalling area to ready to rug Mickey when he come back out only to hear his name being called as the winner of the Supreme of Supreme Miniature Horse! I was awestruck, could hardly move ( I was 8 months pregnant mind you!!). I didn't get much sleep that night.

The following day, Mickey again showed us this was not "once off" win at the Triple-O Rama show. Under 3 judges, he was awarded 2 first, 1 second, 2 Champions, 1 Reserve Champion and 2 Supreme Champions. He has since continued to do well under all types of judges all season. He won the IMHR Supreme Youngstock exhibit, and recently the Supreme State Champion Gelding. He is enjoying his 6 month spell in the paddock, and we look forward to what 2012 has in store for this special little guy.

2010 & 2011 Show Accomplishments

  • 2011 MHAA National Futurity Champion Weanling 26-28"
  • 2011 MHAA National Champion Weanling Gelding
  • 2011 MHAA National GRAND Champion Weanling Gelding
  • 2011 MHAA National Supreme Champion Gelding
  • 2011 MHAA National Champion Miniature Supreme of Supremes

  • 2011 MHAA Triple O Rama 2x Champion, 1x Reserve Champion
  • 2011 MHAA Triple O Rama 2x Supreme Champion

  • 2011 IMHR National Champion Weanling Gelding
  • 2011 IMHR National Reserve GRAND Champion Gelding
  • 2011 IMHR Sires Futurity Champion Weanling 26-28"

  • 2011 MHAA QILD Foal Futurity Champion Weanling 26-28"

  • 2011 IMHR State Reserve Champion Yearling Gelding
  • 2009 IMHR State Reserve GRAND Champion Gelding

  • 2010 MHAA QLD State Champion Yearling Gelding
  • 2010 MHAA QLD State GRAND Champion Gelding
  • 2010 MHAA QLD State Supreme Champion Gelding

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2012 IMHR Nationals

  • Reserve National Champion Yearling Gelding
  • Sires Futurities National Champion Yearling 30-32" 4th
  • National Champion Yearling Amateur Gelding
  • National Reserve GRAND Champion Junior Amateur Gelding

2012 MHAA Nationals

  • National Champion Yearling Gelding 30-32"
  • National GRAND Champion Junior Gelding
  • Triple O Rama 1x 1st, 1x 2nd, 1x Reserve Champion